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The EB 110 is no sheep in wolf's clothing. Complimenting the heavy set styling is a mammoth of an engine. A quad-turbo, 3.5 litre, 60 valve, aluminium and titanium V12 sits to the rear of the driver. This incredible engine delivers around 560bhp and 450 lbs/ft of torque to the road via Bugatti's unique four wheel drive system, with 73% to the rear wheels and 27% to the front.

With an 8,200 rpm redline, the V12 works its way up to 3,500 rpm before the first of the four IHI turbo chargers gets up to speed. From then the remainder of the turbos kick in one by one. This can propel the 1500 kg car to 60mph in a mere 3.4 seconds. Top speed is 342km/h which at the time of its launch made it the fastest production car in the world.


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