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The story behind the XJ220 is an inspiring one yet a sad one too. Professor Jim Randall (head of engineering) started the ball rolling by sketching out some ideas whilst on a Christmas holiday back in 1980s. It was the stuff of fantasies - V12, 4WD, slippery body with ground effects. Together with colleagues in the 'Saturday Club' at Jaguar they toyed with the idea on an unofficial basis until Jaguar started getting excited by the idea properly and official plans were put in place to build what was to be the fastest ever road car.

When the XJ220 went into production a very different system made it's way into the beautifully sculpted body. A V6 Twin Turbo unit from the racing world, mated with a heavy duty transmission that only sent power to the rear wheels.

In the words of a famous motoring show "Jaguar's arrive to early". This statement seems to reign true on more than one occasion, by looking at how most modern supercars are being produced, only a select few are still producing production V12 supercars. Most manufacturers are now opting for much smaller units or using forced induction to power there high end cars.

It's not so much the end of an era for the old V12s but the arrival of the 1992 born, Jaguar XJ220.


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